My Clothes Make Me Itch: How To Dress for Eczema



Scratchy fabrics.

Allergy triggers.

We live in a country where these three factors are ever-present in our everyday eczema struggles as adults or kids..

All these triggers lead us to thinking twice about our OOTD (outfit of the day) options.

But even if these factors will always be part of our reality, it doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy dressing up, or that we have to feel afraid or even insecure while wearing certain kinds of clothes.

Here are a few things to consider when you dress for eczema:


Go for cotton

It has been said that cotton is the “gold standard” for clothing suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. Luckily, cotton-made clothing is accessible to most of us whether we shop in stores or online. There are a wide range of clothes made of cotton for you to choose from: from pambahay to even smart casual wear.

Linen and silk are your runners-up

Linen fabrics aren't just for beddings anymore. Don't be surprised that linen is actually a good alternative to cotton as it offers the same cool and breathable feel, which is what you should look for when you have eczema-prone skin. Plus, linen is a more sustainable fabric to produce, compared to cotton. Good for your skin and the environment? That’s a win-win! On the other hand, silk, while thought to be more luxurious and fancy, is just as comfortable for those with eczema because it’s soft and lets the skin breathe.

Dress for the sunshine

With the warm climate we have, it’s understandable that many of us want to avoid sun exposure. To a certain extent, soaking up the sun is good for everybody; just make sure to dress for it. Choose loose, light clothing, as opposed to covering up in the heat.

Tight clothes are a NO

They may be what’s stylish right now, or cute on your kids, but for those with eczema, the constant rubbing of fabric against skin isn’t a great experience. This could lead to itching and scratching. Aside from that, the seams can also produce friction against the skin. Loose-fitting clothing need not look sloppy or too casual. There are many options for loose-fitting tailored clothes; the key is just to be creative in the way you style yourself.

Say goodbye to tags

It’s best to cut off any clothing labels or tags in clothes as they can cause chafing wherever it touches the skin, which can cause irritation.

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