How to Help Your Child Deal with Itchy Eczema

Children seem like balls of sunshine and happiness because they are always full of energy. However when they experience discomfort, they get irritated. For children with atopic dermatitis or eczema, nothing can cause them irritation like itchy skin does but eczema shouldn’t be a hindrance to your child’s happiness. This is why parents have to guide and help their children with eczema to avoid causing more harm. And while eczema doesn’t have a cure, there are ways to help make your child’s life easier, better, and less itchy.

Here are some ways to help ease your child’s discomfort caused by their eczema (atopic dermatitis):


Teach them about proper hygiene

  1. Bathing helps in locking water into the skin, which keeps it hydrated. Remember to avoid using harsh scented soaps, which can trigger eczema. It’s better to stick with using mild or unscented soaps to avoid irritating the skin further. Another thing to remember is to never scrub the affected skin areas because it will do more damage to the skin.
  2. Moisturizing helps with the flare ups because it keeps the skin from drying out. It also keeps the irritants and allergens away from the skin. Take note that moisturizing shouldn’t be done only after bathing. You can remind your child to apply lotion whenever their skin already feels dry and starts to get itchy.
  3. Clothing choices should be pieces that let the skin “breathe”. Ideally, they should be cotton, so air can flow freely and reduce sweating. If the weather permits, you can also make your child wear long sleeved shirts to lessen the chance of scratching the itchy areas.
  4. Cutting nails shorter can also help in avoiding scratching, which can further damage the irritated skin areas. For babies, let them wear mittens to avoid scratching themselves given their nails could still be long.
  5. Applying medication really helps ease children’s discomfort caused by eczema. Mometasone furoate (Elica®) products help stop itching, reduce redness, ease swelling, and provide 24-hour fast relief. Mometasone furoate (Elica®) cream is applied on thin skin (like on the face) and moist lesions while Mometasone furoate (Elica®) ointment is applied on dry lesions and thickened skin.

Let them go through a “Wet Wrap Therapy”

The Wet Wrap Therapy is done by wrapping or placing a cool damp cloth on the child’s irritated skin areas. It helps in soothing the itch as well as rehydrating and calming skin flare ups. This particular treatment is best done in the evening after bathing, moisturizing, and applying medication.

Make them drink plenty of water

Aside from internal hydration of the body, drinking plenty of water also keeps the skin moisturized on top of putting moisturizers on.

Distract them from scratching their itchy skin

Engage your child in activities or hobbies of their interest to take their minds off their urge to scratch their itchy skin. Fun activities keep their minds and hands busy at the same time. Some activities could be creative ones like drawing, painting, or arts and crafts. You could also let them play with their toys or have them dance around to energetic songs. For babies and toddlers, having toys helps distract them during bath time and diaper changes.

Remember that there are different remedies for eczema (atopic dermatitis). Not all treatments work for all children. Dealing with eczema is a case to case basis. In the end, follow the ones that work best for your child’s condition. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

If symptoms persists, consult your doctor.

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